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Advanced Foot Care Nurse

MacKenzie Heyens RPN

Who Can Benefit from Foot Care?

People with...

  • poor circulation
  • poor eyesight
  • poor mobility
  • disease such as: diabetes, stroke, dementia, arthritis etc.
  • symptoms such as: joint problems, foot pain, bunions etc

Taking Care of Your Feet

What YOU can do at HOME

  1. Inspect your feet daily
  2. Inspect shoes for foreign objects before use
  3. Wash your feet daily
  4. Dry well between toes
  5. Don't go barefoot
  6. Schedule regular foot care

What WE can DO

  1. Trim & file difficult nails
  2. Reduce thickened nails
  3. Treat fungal, ingrown, and/or involuted nails
  4. Treat corns and calluses
  5. Therapeutic massage to promote circulation