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Looking Good!

Posted by Amanda Everaert on Saturday, September 15, 2012,
Old carwash, wavy floor has been removed thanks to a full day of excavating and bobcat work. Minor oops with broken lights and scraped wall. Ended with a large sandbox. Plumbing is installed inside and cement to be completed beginning of next week. Things seem to be on course. Next step, drywalling entire ceiling and starting to frame in walls.

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September Update

Posted by Amanda Everaert on Monday, September 10, 2012,
Finally the building permit was granted and more deconstruction was started. All furniture, extra machinery, and unused material have been taken off of the site. Lofts are all down, along with the walls. The cement has been cut so it can be taken out this week for the plumbing. Hopefully the new cement can be poured early next week. Things look promising for an October opening date. Grand Opening Date still to be announced. 


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